A patent of TKD science and technology won the gold medal of Hubei patent
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        Recently, the company received the Hubei intellectual property office " on the 10th Hubei patent award decision", our invention patent " a new tuning fork crystal dynamic test circuit" ( patent No. ZL 201310504769.2 ) won the Hubei patent gold medal, the Hubei province won the privilege of only 15 patents.
        In 2017, the company obtained two certificates of registration of scientific and technological achievements in Hubei province issued by the office of science and technology of Hubei province, one of which was awarded the " patent gold medal" this time.

        In recent years, the company has carried out in-depth implementation of the intellectual property strategy, focusing on increasing investment in scientific research technology and achievements transformation, multi-channel to carry out scientific and technological innovation work, the company and its subsidiaries have a total of 78 patents, including 6 invention patents.
        In 2017, tkd science and technology research and development team in new products, new materials, new equipment and other aspects of scientific and technological innovation has made great achievements:
        Ceramic / semi - ceramic adhesive packaging is the company's attempt and breakthrough in the application of new materials in the packaging process, the material cost is relatively low, at the same time save all metal packaging process expensive equipment investment, for low-cost applications of digital and intelligent products to provide alternative solutions.
        The independent brand TKD - m - m 3225 has been approved by MTK and esp respectively, which marks the deep development of the company's product research and development platform in the fields of intelligent hardware and internet of things, will bring positive effect to the digestion of the capacity of the company's micro-chip crystal resonator, marks the company's participation in the international market with independent national brand and competition with foreign brands, and has certain promotion and actuation to the company's brand image.

        The new automatic welding production line is a comprehensive upgrade based on the original 4 - person operation of the company, integrating multi-path material vibrating plate technology, tunnel furnace hot air welding technology, automatic loading and unloading technology, automatic roll printing tin technology and so on, realizing 1 - 2 - person operation in the production site, and is an important measure for further tapping potential and reducing cost and increasing efficiency of the company.
        The successful development of new chip Shi Ying crystal oscillator packaging ( viscose ) equipment provides a process guarantee for the application of new materials, and is also the basic condition for further industrialization of TKD - m - MC / c 3225 products.
        The micro-chip micro-nano Shi Ying crystal intelligent packaging equipment is hatched by " taijing technology - Wuhan science and technology micro-nano crystal intelligent processing equipment engineering technology research center", integrating a series of high-integration technologies such as high vacuum constant temperature heating technology, four-point high-precision alignment technology, CCD high-precision alignment technology, high vacuum parallel seam welding technology and the like. The successful development of the equipment marks the company's qualitative breakthrough in packaging technology, and lays a solid foundation for subsequent related localization.
        The company's patent won the " patent gold medal", is a affirmation of our research and development team's previous achievements, but also a strong reflection of the company's core competitiveness, in the future we will further increase investment in intellectual property rights, pioneering and innovative, for the country to build a powerful intellectual property rights to contribute to our strength!

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