Career development
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  Science and technology is the first productive force, and talent is the guarantee of science and technology innovation. Hubei TKD crystal electronic technology co., LTD. See employees as the cornerstone of enterprise development, mutual respect and constructive discussion is an important part of our corporate culture. Live and learn, pause means lag behind. Company employees, and gradually to join the talent in the future, the update of knowledge, will be crystal science and technology personnel's never-ending action. Crystal industry leading domestic tuning fork, we don't have to meet; The revitalization of national crystal industry, always is the goal of TKD crystal people.

  New employee orientation: through training, new employees will be familiar with the working and living environment, understand the company's corporate culture and company for quality, environment and safety requirements.

  Production apprentice training: born through practice and training, you will become a qualified operators.

  Special training technical personnel, technical personnel, for different jobs by department manager or senior high professional skills training of technical personnel and professional guidance, in addition, the company will also organize study abroad training. Through continuous training and practice, you will grow into a pluripotent completely.

  Production management personnel training, to improve the management of knowledge, skills, leadership and execution ability, innovation consciousness level, cooperate with the company development demand for middle and senior management personnel, through the cultivation of the planning and production cooperation, you will become the company's "rising star".