Courtesy and honesty, law-abiding business; Adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, sustainable development; Carry forward the enterprise culture, care for employees health; Voluntarily protect the environment, pay attention to charity and community.

  Tai jing promise all the operations of the abide by the laws of the local country, and in accordance with international common cognition of environmental protection and social responsibility standards, become a create biggest rights and interests of shareholders, employees, good companies fulfill their social responsibility.

  We will continue to focus on corporate social responsibility the new issues, make the company more complete and implement all geared to the needs of corporate social responsibility.

  Internally, we will through all kinds of education training and activities, diligently creating a diverse and dynamic work environment;

  Abroad, the company through the communication with interested groups, and actively implement the corporate social responsibility activities, continuing to pour money into social public welfare, to reduce the impact of social environment.