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   TKD Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the quartz frequency control components and production equipment research, development, production and sales of national high-tech enterprises. Company seted up in 2005, located in suizhou, which is the hometown of Yan emperor shen nong and the Cradle of bells. 2008 established TKD crystal science and technology park, 2016 listed A shares in Shanghai stock exchange (stock code: 603738). After more than 10 years of experience, now TKD become one of the largest domestic quartz crystal resonator and equipment manufacturers, the company has the first-class technology, the international field of vision, the spirit of pursuit of innovation, brave industry forefront, and also support for China's electronic information industry development.

  Company has a complete product line of quartz crystal resonator, products containing DIP, SMD encapsulation of high frequency crystal resonator, the upstream chip, WAFER, pedestal, shell, etc., and all products are widely used in information devices, mobile terminals, network equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, small electronic devices, etc. Company currently has annual capacity of more than 1.6 billion various types of crystal resonator, the No.1 of domestic industry area.

  All main crystal automatic production equipment for DIP tuning fork is independent developed,and greatly improved the production efficiency; The application of automatic laser frequency modulation technology, effectively improve the product performance and stability; Combined with the independent research and development of lithography process, realize the miniaturization of company products, greatly expand the company product range. Since 2013, the company has the development and utilization of high frequency SMD miniature product ion etching, key technology such as vacuum round welding, and expand the application in the micro crystal chip tuning fork, become one of the companies that can produce this product for SMD micro products high frequency domain volume production, and as a new growth point of company.



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